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Car Wrecks

Shields Law Group represents individuals and families injured in severe motor vehicle accidents all across Kansas, Missouri, Texas and the United States. For over twenty-six (26+) years, car accident attorney Spencer Shields and his team have handled over 1,000 car accident cases on behalf of Kansans and Missourians severely injured or killed in car accidents. And now licensed in the State of Texas, Shields Law Group is available to offer injured Texans its 26+ years of car accident experience, along with our Midwest values in the attorney-client relationship. Call Spencer Shields and his team now for a free consultation, or email Spencer at

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Car Wreck FAQ’s

Why Experience Matters2023-01-16T22:48:01+00:00

Why do you need an experienced, motor vehicle accident attorney? In addition to taking matters off your chest which allows you to focus on your recovery, another benefit of having experienced counsel represent your interests is that we handle all aspects of your claim, including your third-party liability claim, your first party no-fault PIP and/or Med Pay claim(s), and any UM/UIM (uninsured and underinsured motorist) claims if applicable. We also handle all prospective lien claims from your health insurer and PIP insurer. Depending on the size of recovery, we also routinely help clients structure their settlements which more fits with their long-term needs and goals. All these legal services are covered by your one-time contingency fee paid from your case when we make a recovery for you.
Need cash now? Kansas, Missouri and Texas law allows for certain no-fault PIP benefits, and/or 1st party Med Pay benefits, to be paid to you now, not later. As part of our representation of you, we get these benefits going for you and your family.
Call now for a free consultation about your case @ 913-393-2080, or email Spencer Shields directly at

Who Pays My Medical Bills2023-01-16T22:48:29+00:00

I was injured in a Kansas car accident and have ambulance and medical bills. Who pays for all these bills? ANSWER: If you live in Kansas and were injured in a car wreck anywhere, OR you live outside of Kansas but your car wreck was in Kansas, the primary payer of your bills will be your own car insurance company. They usually pay $4,500, but it could be more. Then your health insurance pays after that. Legally speaking, the at-fault driver and insurance company are not legally obligated to pay your bills until either 1) you reach a settlement with them, or 2) you obtain a judgment against them. As it sometimes can take months if not years to make a recovery against the at-fault driver and their insurance company, it is important to submit bills for payment to your own companies as soon as they are incurred. Your car insurance company and possibly your health care company will then carry liens against your third-party recovery against the at-fault driver. We handle these PIP and ERISA health care liens on your behalf at the end of your case. We charge no additional fee for this task.
Call now for a free consultation about your case @ 913-393-2080, or email Spencer Shields directly at

Kansas as a No-Fault State. What’s it mean.2023-01-16T22:49:06+00:00

I’ve been injured in a Kansas car wreck and told Kansas is a no-fault state. Can I recover from the driver who caused the accident? The answer is “yes”. “No-fault” is simply a statutory scheme that allows you, as the injured driver or passenger, to get certain medical and lost wage benefits paid from your own insurance company, while you wait for a recovery from the at-fault driver. Your medical bills are first paid by your car insurance company, then after you make a recovery from the negligent driver, your insurance company has a PIP lien which we resolve for you as part of our representation of you. Health care companies are also granted certain rights under both state and federal law which need to be dealt with. In any event, the at-fault driver who caused the wreck remains negligent and you can ultimately recover all your damages allowed under the law.
Shields Law Group LLC and its attorneys have combined handled over 1,000 car wreck cases over the past twenty five years. If you or your loved one have been severely injured in a car wreck, call now for a free consultation with an experienced car wreck attorney.

What is a Structured Settlement2023-01-16T22:49:39+00:00

Many personal injury and wrongful death cases involve minors, or a child younger than 18 years of age. When children are injured and recovering money, a court must first approve the settlement as in the best interests of the child. From experience, a reviewing judge’s primary concern is that the child’s funds be protected until he or she reaches the age of majority, which is 18 in most states. Spencer Shields and Shields Law Group have over 25 years experience handling wrongful death and minor settlements. We traditionally utilize structured settlements in situations such as this, where most if not all of the child’s funds are placed into an annuity or other interest bearing account, until he or she reaches 18. At 18, payments start to come to our client, and best yet the growth on these investments is tax free under IRS guidelines. The child’s funds are safely invested, earn income tax free, and upon reaching 18, they then can receive their settlement funds either all at once or in staggered payments. We have a 100% approval rate with reviewing Courts having our minor clients’ settlement funds structured in this fashion. And parents love it because it takes the issue of “what to do” off of them.
Call now for a free consultation if you or your loved one have been severely injured or died as the result of another individual’s fault. Our attorneys are licensed in Kansas, Missouri and Texas, and we handle claims nationally.

Do I need to Pay Attorney Fees Upfront2023-01-16T22:50:14+00:00

We are a full service personal injury and wrongful death law firm representing injured victims and their families on a contingency fee basis. We also handle mass tort product liability claims on a contingency fee basis. Simply, we’re not paid until we make a recovery for either you, your family or your business. Initial consultations are always confidential and free of charge. Call now to discuss your specific case with an experienced trial lawyer.

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