Paraquat and Parkinson’s Disease

The Paraquat litigation against Syngenta and co-defendant Chevron Chemical is heating up. The case involves claims over its herbicide Paraquat and their alleged failure to warn Licensed Applicators of a higher incidence of Parkinson’s Disease associated with exposure to Paraquat. “Licensed Applicators” includes Producers with restricted use permission to apply Paraquat.
A recent article in Yahoo News emphasizes that this litigation will likely not have as many plaintiffs as does the Roundup litigation, because Paraquat is not sold in a residential consumer setting like Roundup. As discussed in the story, this likely bodes well for earlier rather than later negotiations. The news outlet predicts Billions could eventually be paid to resolve these cases.
Paraquat is marketed and sold under the trade names Gramoxone, Paraquat Concentrate, Blanco, Cyclone SL 2.0, Firestorm, Helmquat 3SL, Bonedry, Devour and Para-Shot 3.0.

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