States Covered by Spencer Shields

Spencer Shields handles severe personal injury claims across the nation. Mr. Shields is licensed in the states of Missouri and Kansas; however, at the request of his clients he routinely handles personal injury claims that occur in other states. This is done through a motion pro hac vice with the local court, wherein Mr. Shields handles your case with local counsel in the appropriate jurisdiction. This costs you no additional attorney fees, as Mr. Shields will work out an agreement with the local counsel to apportion the one attorney fee earned on your case. You benefit by having a local, well-trained trial attorney representing your interests, with access to the appropriate jurisdiction if a lawsuit is needed to be filed to protect your legal interests.

As an example, Mr. Shields recently handled a severe motor vehicle collision that occurred outside of Omaha, Nebraska wherein his client lived in Omaha. With an association with local counsel, Spencer successfully prosecuted the claim in Nebraska after first being admitted pro hac vice by the local judge in Nebraska. As another example, Mr. Shields recently handled a severe injury case that occurred in Minnesota for a Kansas City resident that was injured while on vacation. Again, with the association of local counsel based out of St. Paul, Spencer prosecuted his client’s claim to a successful resolution without a lawsuit needing to be filed.

So whether your accident occurs in Missouri, Kansas or some other state, Spencer Shields can handle it. Call Mr. Shields now to discuss your claim and to arrange to meet in person. Time is of the essence. State laws vary on how long you have to bring various claims. For instance, in Kansas you have only two years to file a claim for negligence, but in Missouri you generally have five years, unless its medical negligence, in which event you only have two years in Missouri. Other states differ as well. So don’t delay retaining experienced trial counsel now to represent your legal interests.