Commercial Truck Accidents

Severe accidents involving automobiles and 18 wheelers may not sound complex, but few cases bring together so many areas of the law. Federal motor carrier regulations are in play, rules of the road apply, comparative fault statutes of various states must be analyzed, and the injuries and damages of our clients must be thoroughly and accurately presented through expert medical opinion. Large trucking companies have at their immediate disposal highly trained accident investigation teams that they dispatch when one of their trucks is involved in a collision that results in either severe injury or death. While you and your loved ones are at the hospital, unbeknownst to you the powers to be have already dispatched their investigators to the scene of the collision to do “mop up” and skew the facts in favor of their truck driver.

Many victims are not aware that “black boxes” are on these semi tractor-trailer big rigs, carrying vital information as to what transpired immediately prior to a collision involving an 18 wheeler. These investigators working for the trucking company use proprietary software to analyze the “black box” data at the scene, and if favorable to the trucking company then they retain it. However, if the data is not favorable, it is not-uncommon for this information to go missing in the days and weeks following an investigation.

Mr. Shields knows what to do to immediately to preserve an accident scene investigation. If promptly retained as counsel, we routinely dispatch our own investigators to the scene to conduct our own investigation. “Black box” information is demanded to be preserved, or else the trucking company will face a separate claim for spoliation of evidence. Cars will be analyzed for possible defect claims that may have caused, or contributed to cause, our client’s injuries. Witness statements must be secured and preserved. The involved cars are sometimes purchased and stored for long-term examination. Skid marks and other facts at the scene will be investigated, photographed, preserved and analyzed by our own accident reconstruction expert. For everyday that goes by without taking such action, the odds go up that important evidence will go either unnoticed or outright lost to the hands of time.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck or auto accident, do not hesitate. Retain experienced trial counsel immediately that is well versed in how to handle an accident scene where individuals have either been killed or severely injured. Contact Spencer Shields now for a free consultation. Time is of the essence.