Electrocution Injuries and Death

Missouri electrocution death cases at Lake of the Ozarks and other Missouri and Kansas bodies of water.

With more shoreline than California along the Pacific Ocean, the 58,000-acre Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri is a mecca for boaters and homeowners with large private docks. Under its license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Ameren UE of St. Louis is responsible for stewardship of the lake, which includes issuing permits for docks, seawalls and decks along the coves and inlets of its 1,150 miles of shoreline. According to Ameren UE, there are over 25,000 docks on Lake of the Ozarks. These tens-of-thousands of residential docks, as well as the hundreds of docks owned and operated by commercial bars, restaurants and marinas located on the water, are all subject to the jurisdiction and rules published by Ameren UE.

Most home owners and business owners follow the rules and properly build and maintain their docks. However, many do not and most summers witness more than one vacationer being injured, or worse electrocuted and killed around docks at Lake of the Ozarks. Similar events unfortunately occur at other lakes across Missouri and Kansas. When docks are properly built, wired and maintained according to the National Electrical Code, events such as this should not occur.

Shields Law Group and Missouri electrocution death attorney Spencer Shields have experience with representing family members who have had a loved one electrocuted and killed at Lake of the Ozarks. Our firm handled and prosecuted the law suit filed in Camden County, MO on behalf of a 21-year old boy who was electrocuted and killed while swimming off a dock at Lake of the Ozarks in 2015. In reaching a $1.8 Million recovery for the boy’s surviving family, it was timely investigated and alleged that errors were made while re-wiring the dock.

A proper investigation is needed by independent, electrical experts immediately following an electrocution and death by drowning case at Lake of the Ozarks, or any body of water for that matter. Shields Law Group only works with industry leading experts, such as SEMKE https://semke.com/ whose electrical engineers were instrumental in building a liability case in the above incident.

Shields Law Group and Missouri and Kansas electrocution death attorney Spencer Shields have successfully handled electrocution wrongful death cases and are available to discuss you or your family’s case if injured or electrocuted on or around a dock. Call Shields Law Group now at (816) 421-0800 (Missouri) or (913) 393-2080 (Kansas), or email Mr. Shields privately at scs0303@gmail.com to discuss your situation further.