Experienced Personal Injury Trial Attorney

Spencer Shields has handled hundreds of severe personal injury and wrongful death claims for injured victims since his graduation from Washburn University Law School. Licensed in the states of Missouri and Kansas, Mr. Shields specializes in severe injury cases occurring throughout Missouri, Kansas and the Midwest in general. Spencer has personally handled over 1,000 injury cases across the nation during his legal career.

Mr. Shields focuses his personal injury practice on severe motor vehicle accidents, accidents involving semi-tractor-trailers, eighteen-wheelers, wrongful death, and all other accidents involving the fault of another party resulting in severe personal injuries to either you or your loved one.

In most instances, a defendant that has caused an accident is represented by an insurance company that has at its disposal experienced adjusters and attorneys trained in minimizing your claim against their insured. While you or your loved one seek medical treatment for your injuries following an accident, the defendant’s insurance company is hard at work building a defense against you and your case. This is why you need an experienced, specialized personal injury attorney working on your behalf as soon as possible after you are injured. In some instances, cars need to be retrieved and stored before they are salvaged in order to allow an accident reconstruction expert to inspect the damage personally. Evidence at the scene also needs to be documented and stored, whether the evidence be skid marks, traffic surveillance video, property damage to the vehicles or scene, etc. In cases involving eighteen-wheelers, “black box” data in these trucks needs to be preserved. When these boxes contain data detrimental to the trucking company, they are notorious for losing or misplacing them shortly after an accident involving one of their trucks.

Many attorneys claim that they handle personal injury claims. However, few specialize and even fewer are actually willing to go all the way through jury trial on your behalf if needed. More and more insurance companies for defendants are dragging the claims process out, offering “low ball” settlement offers or outright denying claims in an effort to keep compensation out of your hands. Mr. Shields does not take a case unless he is actually willing to try the case; otherwise, the insurance company and its attorneys will use this as advantage to secure a lower settlement value on your claim. Mr. Shields limits the number of personal injury claims he accepts to only those involving serious personal injuries and loss of life. This way he can devote the required time and attention to your case to move it in a timely manner and to maximize your settlement value.