Recent Results

Shields Law Group LLC enters 2023 as its 18th year in business. Some of our 2022 hi-lights included a jury verdict of $679,000 in Wyandotte County, Kansas for our client assaulted by a passenger in a commercial truck. We obtained a $500,000 policy limits wrongful death settlement for a Kansas family who lost their 3 year old daughter in a horrific drowning accident. Over $450,000 was recovered for our Missouri client following her hip replacement surgery performed with a defective hip implant. And many of our Round Up clients have now received their significant six-figure settlements as part of Monsanto’s $10 Billion nationwide agreement with plaintiffs.

2018-2019 results include a $1.8 Million recovery for the family of a 21-year old boy who was electrocuted and killed in Missouri while swimming off a dock at Lake of the Ozarks (wrongful death case filed in Camden County, MO) and a $1 Million aggregate recovery for four clients severely injured in a motor vehicle collision outside Lawrence, Kansas (negligence case filed in Douglas County, KS). The most severe injuries in this Kansas car accident included the fractured hip of a 22 year old male and fractured pelvis and femur of a 2 year old minor girl.

Shields Law Group also oversaw the coordinated aggregation of over 2,000+ corn producer clients and 20+ grain elevators in the Syngenta AG Corn Seed MDL. Our firm’s clients hailed from over 22 states and we filed suit for over 2,000+ producers in the Minnesota state court coordinated action in Hennepin County, MN. Mr. Shields, along with the dedicated help of attorney Jim Yoakum and a staff of six legal assistants completed and served over 2,000+ plaintiff fact sheets on defendant Syngenta; opted out over 2,000+ clients from the certified federal MDL class actions; produced tens of thousands of farm operation documents upon Syngenta; and just recently guided our over 2,500+ clients through the Syngenta global settlement process. Over 100,000+ corn producers from across the U.S. farm belt filed suit against Syngenta from 2015 to 2017 in an individual capacity, and multiple other state court class actions were certified and noticed in the federal MDL in Kansas City, KS. This expansive complex litigation spanned several federal court jurisdictions as well as the MN state court coordinated action, and culminated in a global $1.51 Billion settlement with Syngenta in September 2017. The Judge overseeing the federal MDL approved a $503 Million global attorney fee fund in December 2018. All payments from the $1.51 Billion settlement fund are expected to be sent to our 2,500+ clients by year ending 2019.