Product Liability, Including Complex Cases Involving Auto Defects

Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals are either killed or severely injured due to products they use either at home or at work. Product liability law is its own set of law and very complex to handle. It is not uncommon to have Asian or other overseas manufacturers selling dangerous and defective products in the United States, and during our investigation, we learn that these companies are owned or partly owned by domestic U.S. multi-national corporations. Otherwise known as “big business”, these multi-national corporations hide behind shell companies and other legal tricks to attempt to limit their liability when individuals are severely hurt or killed by their products. When we represent consumers injured or killed by these products, we not only look to the manufacturers; the law also allows us to pursue the companies that may have designed the product and/or distributed the product and/or sold the product.

Mr. Shields is experienced in handling these types of product liability cases, and further, he is “of counsel” with a reputable Kansas City law firm that specializes in these types of claims as well. Quite often, product liability cases take in excess of $100,000 just to prosecute on the client’s behalf. Not only do you need an experienced attorney in product liability law, but you also need one who has access to the financial resources needed to take on “big business”. Call Spencer Shields now for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a defective product.