How we use Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules to hold trucking companies liable

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Every year, 1,746,000 Americans are injured and killed in accidents on our nation’s highways. Of these accidents, 368,000 involve large trucks, defined as vehicles with a gross weight rating greater than 10,000 pounds. When a truck accident occurs, someone is almost always at fault, either through negligence or willful action. A truck accident lawsuit is the method by which you can recover damages from the person or group of persons at fault in a truck accident.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) establishes and enforces a complex set of rules and regulations covering all aspects of commercial vehicle operations. In general, trucking rules and regulations focus on five key areas:

  • Commercial Driver’s License standards – drivers must possess a valid CDL
  • Driver’s log – drivers must keep a written record of activities for each hour of operation
  • Hours of service – drivers can operate their vehicle only a certain number of hours per day
  • Equipment standards – every truck must meet stringent equipment standards
  • Insurance coverage – every driver must be covered by accident insurance

Truck accident rules and regulations are a part of the body of law that governs a truck accident lawsuit. The degree to which the truck’s operator is not in compliance with one or more rules can impact the value of your case greatly. Every Kansas and Missouri trucking accident case should be promptly investigated for these reasons.
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