I was injured in a Kansas car accident and have ambulance and medical bills. Who pays for all these bills? ANSWER: If you live in Kansas and were injured in a car wreck anywhere, OR you live outside of Kansas but your car wreck was in Kansas, the primary payer of your bills will be your own car insurance company. They usually pay $4,500, but it could be more. Then your health insurance pays after that. Legally speaking, the at-fault driver and insurance company are not legally obligated to pay your bills until either 1) you reach a settlement with them, or 2) you obtain a judgment against them. As it sometimes can take months if not years to make a recovery against the at-fault driver and their insurance company, it is important to submit bills for payment to your own companies as soon as they are incurred. Your car insurance company and possibly your health care company will then carry liens against your third-party recovery against the at-fault driver. We handle these PIP and ERISA health care liens on your behalf at the end of your case. We charge no additional fee for this task.
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