Do I need to Pay Attorney Fees Upfront

We are a full service personal injury and wrongful death law firm representing injured victims and their families on a contingency fee basis. We also handle mass tort product liability claims on a contingency fee basis. Simply, we're not paid until we make a recovery for either you, your family or your business. Initial consultations [...]

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What is a Structured Settlement

Many personal injury and wrongful death cases involve minors, or a child younger than 18 years of age. When children are injured and recovering money, a court must first approve the settlement as in the best interests of the child. From experience, a reviewing judge's primary concern is that the child's funds be protected until [...]

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Kansas as a No-Fault State. What’s it mean.

I've been injured in a Kansas car wreck and told Kansas is a no-fault state. Can I recover from the driver who caused the accident? The answer is "yes". "No-fault" is simply a statutory scheme that allows you, as the injured driver or passenger, to get certain medical and lost wage benefits paid from your [...]

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Who Pays My Medical Bills

I was injured in a Kansas car accident and have ambulance and medical bills. Who pays for all these bills? ANSWER: If you live in Kansas and were injured in a car wreck anywhere, OR you live outside of Kansas but your car wreck was in Kansas, the primary payer of your bills will be [...]

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Why Experience Matters

Why do you need an experienced, motor vehicle accident attorney? In addition to taking matters off your chest which allows you to focus on your recovery, another benefit of having experienced counsel represent your interests is that we handle all aspects of your claim, including your third-party liability claim, your first party no-fault PIP and/or [...]

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